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Our school is a professional school where we bring up the specialists
of graphic design, web design, fashion design, and architectural design interior design.
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    3 departments and 4 courses developing individualities.
Our school is a professional school where we bring up the specialists of graphic design, web design, fashion esthetic nail design, architectural design and interior design. On the 2-year specialty courses, the professionals who are fighting in the front line of each field, give professional education as instructors with the frank opinions from the actual spots. On the 3-year high shool course, you can acquire practical, professional techniques, learning the general studies.

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Fashion Course
Esthetic & Nail Art Course

Message of Head Teacher
Eiichi Sasada
Eiichi Sasada

Our mission as a professional school is the vocational education including technique, knowledge, qualification, leads to accomplishing the ultimate purpose: making the students undestand the diversity of the society and the senses of values by studying difficulty and joy of creating.

And more basically speaking, it is the education of the motto which our founder put up as the school philosophy: "Search for Harmonizing, Honoring and Real Beauty". It is shining brightly in this ruined age. We must keep inheriting to our children the eternal theme, "heart", which is most important for living as a human.

"Education of creating" and "education of heart". It is only the first step for us to enable them that we love and take care of all the children from heart, and that we continue talking about dreams with each other.

We could welcome the 60th anniversary the last year.I will keep striving from now on, for the next 70th anniversary, with the matters above in my mind, with my fellow instructors, with the help from you all.
Design Technology, Institute
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